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About Diana Overseas

Diana Overseas is a thriving manpower recruitment company registered in the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management, Government of Nepal with License No. 408/060/061. Diana Overseas was established on 1st August, 2003 and has been providing overseas manpower recruitment services to our international clients in The Middle East and Far East. We are a pre-eminent ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We have a repository of huge number of professionals with whom we are continuously connected through our regional representatives, media advertisements, online media and various training providing technical institutions. We have formulated a system through which these professionals are screened through rigorous interviews based on human resource requirements and then recommended to our clients. We aspire to epitomize ourselves as exemplary Human Resource Recruiting Company.

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Recruitment Procedure

Once the Employer and We (Diana Overseas) agree with the terms and conditions for the recruitment, we provide the current format of attestation documents based on rules and regulation set by the Department of Labour and Foreign Employment promotion of Nepal to the Employer to begin the process which includes:

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