Recruitment Process

Hereunder, Client will be referred as “Employer” and Recruitment agency will be referred as “Diana”

Step 1
Employer will issue Demand Letter (Demand Attestation Documents) to Diana Overseas.

Step 2
We apply Demand Attestation Documents to the Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE) of Nepal to get Initial Approval for advertisement. Normally it takes 2 to 3 working days. Advertisement of Demand Letter from employer in national daily newspaper mentioning the interview date as per the convenient date proposed by the employer. Pre Interview date could be fixed based by Diana Overseas. This Initial Approval and advertisement process is statutory.

Step 3
From the date of advertisement, Diana Overseas start collecting CV’s of potential candidates for Employer through our network all over the country and our branch offices. Diana Overseas also obtain CV’s from data base.

Step 4
Diana Overseas conduct pre-interview to select the best candidates for final selection by the employer. While taking pre-interview, Diana Overseas fill candidate evaluation form. If employer is not available for final interview in Nepal, Diana Overseas will arrange interview through Online or Diana Overseas will select the best candidates and forward their CV with candidate evaluation form which will help employer to select the best candidate.

Step 5
Once the final selection process is completed, Diana Overseas ask the employer to provide final list of selected candidates for further process.

Step 6
After getting final selection list from employer, Diana Overseas forward it to the marketing department, and they start informing selected candidates for pre medical fitness test for recruitment to Qatar. It takes one day to get premedical report for Qatar. In case of K.S.A., it takes 3 days for GAMCA medical and it will be final medical test.

Step 7
In case of K.S.A., we do MOFA and Medical Selection payment and send the candidates with MOFA Payment Slip to the referred medical Center. Diana Overseas has to upload selection list in Ministry of Labour website and wait for 7 working days to proceed further.

Step 8
Once we get final medical fitness clearance/premedical clearance, our marketing department calls the candidates to sign offer Letter / employment contract which was agreed by employer and candidate at the time of final selection.

Step 9
After signing offer Letter / employment contract, relevant documents of the candidate are sent to the employer company including employment contract copy to proceed for visa which includes copy of passport, medical report, photo (if required) and police clearance (if required). For Qatar visa, Diana Overseas will inform about the notice period to the Employer to apply visa. Employer can apply visa after the notice period only.

Step 10
After visa approval, Employer will make payment of QVC and issue medical appointment. Diana overseas will share the appointment with candidate and follow-up for medical test. Employment contract will be signed by candidate at QVC which will be sent to Employer automatically. Once the medical report will be issued, Employer will pay visa fee and share the visa copy to Diana Overseas for further process.

Step 11
In case of K.S.A., Diana Overseas send representative to the Embassy of K.S.A. with original passport for visa stamping. It takes 2 working days to get visa stamped from Embassy of K.S.A. all the relevant expenses will be paid by Diana Overseas and charged to Employer.

Step 12
After visa, Diana Overseas go through following process to get Final Employment Approval from the Department of Labor and Foreign Employment Promotion of Nepal. • To provide unrivalled labor solutions and recruitment services from Nepal for Diana Overseas call visa issued workers to the office and send them to attain Orientation class which is of 1 and half day. It is statutory requirement from government. • Diana Overseas will issue periodic Health Insurance for the limited period which covers the contract period. • Diana Overseas submit respective candidate’s passport, medical report, visa, orientation certificate, periodic Health Insurance certificate, Employment Contract and Advertisement copy that was published in National Daily Newspaper to the Department of Foreign Employment promotion for Final Employment Approval. It takes 3 to 7 working days to complete the procedure. Note: Please note that immigration in Tribhuvan International Airport at Kathmandu doesn’t allow any workers to fly without final employment approval letter from the Department of Labor and Foreign Employment Promotion of Nepal.

Step – 13
After getting Final Employment Approval from the Department of Labor and Foreign Employment Promotion of Nepal, Diana Overseas propose the flight date to the employer to issue their employees ticket from Kathmandu to their working destination.

Step - 14
After flight date confirmation, Employer issue joining Air ticket and send it to Diana Overseas.

Step – 15
One day prior to the flight date or on the same day, Diana Overseas gather all the candidates for pre-departure orientation where Diana Overseas inform about do’s and don’ts, culture of the country, employer’s policy, labor laws of the country, traffic laws, working environments, health and safety issues to them. At the same time, also send the confirmed flight schedule to the employer for their pickup from the airport.

Step – 16
Finally, Diana Overseas handover all the documents to candidates including Employment contracts, Health Insurance Certificate, Visa, Passport, Emergency Contact Address of the Employer.

Step -17
After their departure, Diana Overseas confirm via email about their arrival time at Employers Country to receive from the Airport.

Step – 18
Employer confirms Diana Overseas after they receive their employees from the airport.

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